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Businesscards in a block

Convenient card block – 20 cards in each block and you always have nice cards to hand out. We produce continuously and no start-up cost. Please contact us for a good offer.

For 200 cards:
1 sided: kr 498,- ex mva
2 sided: kr 598,- ex mva.
Freight: from kr 70,- ex mva.

Normal delivery (applies to both products) is 3-4 days.
We also offer express delivery via TNT.

Exhibition product

Going on fair or seminar? This is a very smart accessory for business cards in a block. Attaching simply a business card block holder and have this around your neck. An effective way to promote yourself and not least, you always have a short hand.

Price pr. kr 50,- NOK ex. mva.
We can supply associated key cords or keychain with logo and color of your choice. Please contact us for a good offer.


Notepads with cards

A smart accessory for desk or meeting room. Notepad with associated business cards on each side.

Price example 180 sheets/card (equals 9 blocks):
1 sided: kr 598,- NOK ex. mva
2 sided: kr 698,- NOK ex. mva
From kr 115,- ex. mva.

Normal delivery (applies to both products) is 3-4 days.
We also offer express delivery via TNT.

Online ordering

We can set up a customized and branded online solution for you or your company. We have full support for multiple stores or departments and variations of printed matter for them. The system is user friendly and easy to use.
We will gladly give you a demonstration of our system so that you can easily see if this is something that suits you.


We can also supply other types of printed materials and accessories, see examples below. Please contact us for detailed specification of your requirements.


Mobile Covers and sleeves for many type of cars

Candy with logo print.

Rulers and other office supplies with logo.

Pastilles with branded packaging.

Keychains with flashlight, possibility of logo.

Neckstrap optional color and print.



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